What’s your dream??

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Following a convervastion with my weekend manager about my current work schedule (7 days a week) and my husband’s dream (to work enough that I only have to work one job) my manager asked me, ‘what’s your dream?’

Win the lottery so neither of us have to work?

Work only the weekend job?

Find a way that the weekend job can hire me for during the week?

I don’t know. I never stop long enough to dream. There is work to be done, dogs to be fed, a husband to appreciate and a house to save. I am actually at work, but as long as phones get answered and everyone is greeted all is good… but, now that I have stopped for a minute to think about it, what is my dream…

Work somewhere I love doing something I love.
Getting my husband back to Disney. He is happiest when close to Mickey Mouse.
Raise a family.
Serve God by serving his children.
Finding my lost relationship with God.
Reconnecting with lost friends.
Learning Spanish.
Taking a vacation with mu husband.

I could go on but we could be here all night and I have to get ready to head home, feed the dogs, see my husband and sleep so I can be back at work at 9am tomorrow. Sunday is my day to sleep in!!

What is your dream??