Welcome to National Running Month!

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Hello all!!  Are you as excited as I am about National Running Month?  I mean, it feels like Christmas!  OK, maybe not Christmas but definitely better than Groundhog Day.  This is the month where we shake off the winter blahs, run with our friends, drool over new gear and enjoy being part of the largest team sport ever. 

And before you try the, “I have only done one 5K” or I walk more than I run” or my personal favorite, “I can’t run because (fill in excuse here)” lines on me, please remember that this is about DOING, not necessarily RUNNING.  Most of my friends that I do races with and talk new shoes with have never run a whole race.  I have only run one full 5K and it was at a slow pace.  This is about celebrating a sport that just about everyone can do.  This is about setting goals and working to achieve them.  This is about the bling at the finish line!

So, what will you do to celebrate National Running Month?  Here is my to-do list:

  • Do the Expedition Everest 5K Obstacle Course and Scavenger Hunt at Walt Disney World.
  • Finally get my first pair of Brooks running shoes. (sales are great for gear this month)
  • Sign up for my first out of state race.
  • Sign up for my first marathon.  Hopefully it will be in October
  • Run a 5K a week with my husband

That should about cover it.

I will also do all I can to write more here as well as for Team WDW Parkhoppers.  Check them out at WDWParkhoppers.com and come join us as we hop, and run, around Disney World.

So, what will you do to celebrate National Running Month?  I really want to know!

That is all for now.  Until later, I will see you at the starting line!