Sunday Night Replay…

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Have 3 weeks really gone by? Feels more like somewhere between 1 day and 10 years!

OK, now on to today.

Have you ever left church (or work) and felt like you thought your head would explode from the recent events? How about later when it started to turn into, “that wasn’t so bad” and finally into “what the heck happened today?” Welcome to our day.

I must say “our” since my husband John had one of those days too. Can we say, “all around chaos?” I’m sorry, how about “look at all these opportunities to serve our community better!” Is that better? Let me explain.

Today began as the week had ended. We were all concerned about volunteers. Combining volunteer slots that hadn’t been filled, volunteers cancelling, and volunteers not showing up, we came up with an equation that sounded something like this…

Volunteer opportunities (minus) actual volunteers (plus) last minute issues (equals)…

chinese food for dinner.

Make sense? It does in our house. It’s that “new new math.”

How about the highlights (and a few lowlights for balance):

-Pasor is in Savannah for a wedding. No problem, summer is a little slow and the message is on a DVD.

-Uh oh, summer is slow. For volunteers also.

-Message on a DVD is great…unless the DVD dies 5 minutes into a 25 minute message.

-And then my husband (can you feel the pride) pulls a God-breathed message out of his cute little backside. And what a message it was. Or so I heard…

-Kids Church – our projector died. How will we watch our video message? How about on the floor, on a laptop, where we can all hear and see each other? Sounds good to me.

-Thank you to four of the greatest volunteers in the world. They did what was needed, what was asked, and what worked. And their kids helped!!!

-On a frustrating note, I still struggle with those volunteers that tick off what they have already done to justify leaving a need unfilled. Why do we all do this?

-I went against a direct order from the pastor. And if I had it to do all over again I would. We are where we are because he trusts us to do the best with what we have. That was today.

Add in washing the dog and spending a few late hours at the office and there you have it. Until tomorrow…