Sunday night replay…

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Yeah!! It is Sunday evening. That means that my first day of leading the children’s ministry is over. I actually only had to take care of the 1st-5th graders as the previous leader had arranged for volunteers for the rest of the areas. That was a blessing as I don’t think I could have pulled it all together myself.

There were some great highlights today…

  • We started the “One Prayer” series this week. 5 weeks on the importance and strength of prayer. I am so excited.
  • Joseph, the volunteer, was on today. He is great with the kids and was a huge help!!
  • We actually sang and danced to worship. I had my concerns that the songs wouldn’t be well received but they kids were great.
  • Glitter. How can it be a bad day with glitter?!?
  • We all prayed for what was most important to us. Family, the homeless, friends to know Jesus… all prayers by the kids.
  • Wrestling pay-per-view with husband and friends. Wings, mac-n-cheese, and good friends. Seems like old times.

I think that about covers it. I did get a call this morning from a good friend in Tampa. She has had the worst last few weeks and yet she called us to let us know she was thinking of us. I have never felt so humbled and loved. Good note to end the day on.