Sunday night reflection…

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You want me to what???

OK, let me start this way. I love kids. I love to babysit, I have worked at a daycare, I have awesome nieces and nephews. I love to play with them, watch them learn about the world around them and listen to them giggle. I LOVE the giggling.

All that being said, this weeks begins one of the scariest adventures I have ever partaken. I am taking over the Children’s Ministry at StonePoint Church, where my husband John is the new Connections Pastor. The current (for a few more days) Children’s Director is a college student who is moving on to be a part-time Middle School Girls Ministry Leader at a local church. Today was the day that the announcement was made and next Sunday will be her last. She will be missed and the kids love her. Just like Paul, she is off to continue her ministry.

So, here I am. Stepping in to lead a wonderful group of volunteers who don’t know me from Eve, after all, we have been here for three weeks. Stepping in to provide curriculum… Oh heavens! Stepping in to provide guidance to new volunteers, although I don’t even know where everything is. Stepping in to care for and protect the future of our little corner of the kingdom…

Wait, I can do that part. That comes out of love. I know I love them already. Even the ones I haven’t met. Jesus loves me and I know who I am. These are children, who haven’t even had the chance to be as unlovable as I am, and I am still loved. It is my job to show that love to all I encounter. Of course that includes the children.

OK, I got that out of the way. What else was there…? Well, the volunteers will get to know me. Between phone calls, e-mails, Sunday mornings, home groups, and some out-of-context fellow-shipping, we will laugh, cry, fuss, fight and become family. The curriculum is covered by and Kidmo so why would I even begin to worry. As for what is not known, the current volunteers are an invaluable resource. If I don’t ask, that is my fault. And our pastor has been great and nothing but encouraging. And the current director has promised to be available.

So, they want me to what???

OK, when do I start?!!

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  1. I know that you will be awesome, you are awesome at everything that you touch, you just need to realize that God has blessed you in so many ways!

  2. You will be fantastic. You are great with kids. I , and obviously others, have complete faith in you. Miss you, though!

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