Running on Empty

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Let me start with this statement, I am NOT a dietitian or a nutritional anthropologist.  I am a regular person who has recently learned a valuable lesson.  Our bodies need fuel!

OK, I am sure you are thinking that is a dumb statement.  Of course we need fuel.  Isn’t that why we eat?  But now I want you to think about how any times you have skipped lunch and said, “Oh, I can afford to miss a meal.”   Do you think your body agrees?  I have read books that say no and talked to experts that say no.  On Saturday my body screamed no.  We are following a training plan that has 3 workouts a week with 2 set as timed run/walks and one as a distance run.  This past Saturday we had a 4 mile workout scheduled.  Let me tell you what we ate beforehand.  Nothing.  We had a light dinner around 8pm on Saturday, didn’t drink much water, went to bed, got up on Sunday, tooled around a little, had coffee and went out at noon to run. 

The outcome?  It hurt.  Not the little sore, knee hurts, kind of sore.  The kind where you feel like your body is shutting down.  Your skin hurts, you are freezing and have goosebumps in the 80 degree Florida sun and you can barely will yourself to keep moving.  As I walked most of the last half of the course I had time to think about why this was so hard after 2 good workouts last week.  The conclusion is that my body had no fuel to make it move.  I felt like a car running on fumes.  My car can’t run on engine oil and brake fluid alone so why should I think my body can? 

We all diet and deprive ourselves.  When we should be eating more good foods we all have a tendency to just cut back on the bad and fool ourselves into thinking that we are “being good.”  We know that we need a certain amount of calories to function but seem to forget it when the scale is stuck.  Please, find a healthy eating plan and follow it.  Try this for a month.  See if you don’t feel better, have more energy and are safely losing weight.  So many of us have reprogrammed our bodies into a constant starvation mode that it holds onto every calorie.  Find a way through consistent healthy eating and multiple small meals (not 2 or 3 huge meals) to change that programming. 

Do any of you have plans or diets you follow that work for you?  Please share!  And happy eating!!

8pm – 2.5 miles in 30:13.  Jogged the whole time.  Hoping to do that again on Thursday.

7:45am – Banana, vitamins
10:30am – 1oz trail mix
1:00pm – clam chowder, green salad
5:30pm – Mini Luna bar
9:00pm – bowl of turkey chili with cheese, tzaki sauce