Relevant Relationships: Once in a While Friends

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On to those I was to shallow to realize how well I did not know.

One example should do it. This is where many of us often fall in this business of traveling, working events and occasionally seeing the same people year after year for a day or two at a time. We chat for a minute, hug, and are grateful they made it one more year. They are our “event friends and family” for a week at a time. We start up where we left off, catch up a little and then move on until next year.

Hello next year!

Before this conference I was informed that I would have a roommate this year. Very odd as I am normally the only female on an all male crew but we have combined forces with the host of the event so there are more ladies in the mix.

So, I arrived at the hotel around 10:30 last night local time. My roommate is a woman that I knew and was excited to find out I rooming with. She had tried to stay up to greet me but had fallen asleep with the TV on long before I arrived. Still, some how, she woke herself up enough to say hi and sort of chat for a few minutes. Few minutes turned into 1 ½ hours and I knew her better, loved her more and hated myself for having not known what her last few years had been like.

We saw each other for a few minutes at half a dozen conferences over the years and I would always be happy to see her. I thought I knew a few things and that is exactly what I knew. A few insignificant nuggets. In that short time as we both lay, jet lagged, in hotel beds, I learned about her recent struggles and the truth behind her brave face and constant smile. My admiration for her talent has evolved into utter respect for her strength and a deep desire to grow our friendship. This is a woman who has turned pain into knowledge, adversity into opportunity and has found windows to climb through when doors have slammed shut. What a blessing and an almost missed opportunity. She is a role model for strength and character


Who around you do you “think” you know. What can you learn from them? How can you turn those “once in a while friends” into the relationships that God will bless you through?