New Starting Line

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This is my blog. It has always been sort of a dumping ground for my ramblings. That is all changing, including the name of the blog.

It has been quite some time since I posted but I have decided to use this blog as a journal. A running journal that is. That’s right, my chubby butt is trying to run. Not just an open ended “I want to be a runner!” but an “I will run a half marathon in October of 2011 at Walt Disney World!” kind of runner.

Here is my checklist:

Running shoes? Check.
Training plan? courtesy of run Disney/Jeff Galloway – Check.
Supportive husband? Double check.
Athletic ability? Hmmmm…

OK, so I am no Jackie Joyner-Kersee but I have 2 legs, and they work. What else do you need? This isn’t about being an Olympian. This is about setting a goal for myself and working to make it come true. My husband and I have picked at running for exactly a year now. The first 5K we ever did was at Walt Disney World last year. It was the Princess and the Frog Royal Family 5K. I was hooked. We have sort of trained and done a few more races (one included me run/walking 8 miles around 3 parks!) but I have allowed life and my own weakness to get in my way.

No more! Yesterday I did the Beauty and the Beast Royal Family 5K. I even finished in a decent time for me. If I can do that after not running for almost 3 months and then training for 2 weeks (only 6 sessions) what could I do if I actually tried and focused? I guess this is my chance to find out. Come join me over the next 17 weeks as I follow the training program. In fact, I will post the link below and you can do it with me! Please, join me at the starting line for the rest of our lives!

Jeff Galloway’s training tools:
(I am doing the Half Marathon Training Program for Beginers)

Want to run at Walt Disney World too?