Meet a Miracle Child

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My husband and I have been raising funds for The Children’s Miracle Network Torch Relay. Meet one of the kids that benefited from the generosity of good people just like you.

Sydney Thomas | Sydney Orlando, FL

Sydney was a very active toddler so when she became lethargic after fighting what her parents suspected was a common cold, they knew something was seriously wrong. As Sydney’s condition continued to deteriorate, her parents took her to an after-hours emergency pediatric clinic where tests showed Sydney was dangerously close to falling into a diabetic coma. Don and Nicole were shocked to learn their daughter had juvenile diabetes.

Sydney’s routine quickly changed to include daily blood tests and insulin injections. Searching for the best way to manage their daughter’s condition, Sydney’s parents took her to Shands Children’s Hospital at the University of Florida where University of Florida physicians determined she was an excellent candidate for an insulin pump. This technology allows her parents to enter the number of carbohydrates Sydney eats each day into a wireless remote control. The pump continuously administers the proper amount of insulin.

Now Sydney is full of energy again, learning important things like ABC’s and how to help check her own blood sugar. Meanwhile, University of Florida researchers continue to seek a cure for diabetes with the help of Children’s Miracle Network.

What will you do to make sure that the next child is taken care of just like Sydney?

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