Life is always full of suprises…..

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Just a quick look at how funny God can be… I was asked to manage a booth for my old company at a worship music conference for 2 days this past week.

Quick explanation:
Booth- Table with products, brochures, and other paraphanelia from the company.
The old company- A wonderful audio/visual company that I would walk through fire for anyone related to it.
Worship Music Conference- 2 days of publishers presenting new and newly arranged choir music to worship ministers

OK, back to the moment at hand. I walked into the building where the conference was held and had a starnge moment of de ja vu. You see, about 5 years ago I walked into this building with my dear friend Bob (and founder of our media team – I was the second member, but that is another blog) and many other members of our church including the band and worship minister. We were attending a “How to run audio in church for people who don’t know how to run audio” seminar. It was being run by this company located in northern Atlanta. They were very nice and very helpful and was just the type of company I was looking to work with…hmmm.

Through many e-mails and a few calls I started working with PDH Systems. 5 years later I find myself back in the same hal (it looks much smaller) working for PDH. I left the state but still worked when I could and now I am back and would still do whatever they need. Life has a funny way of coming full circle. Do you ever feel like that???

… I wonder what God’s next funny little little moment will be.