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This morning was one of those great days that was full of opportunity. Until I opened the door, that is.

Stayed a friend’s house last night and she was going to work-out with me today. We were up early, ready for the cool front that came in, music in hand and then we saw the gift from above. Rain. Now, we have run through sprinkles and even light rain. This was not light rain. This was a beautiful downpour (we live in Florida and need it so it really is beautiful) that we were not running in today.

I needed a plan B. Up and ready to workout, I found one. I have resistance bands so out they came. I will still run later but for now this will have to do.

Here are my go-to plans when the first workout plan falls through.

1. If time is the issue – Since I like to workout in the morning I have time to figure out when else in the day I can get a work-out in. Normally it is after work. I pass by my gym so there really is no excuse.

2. When location changes – My friend has dumbbells, I have resistance bands, my husband bought me the Wii Fitness. I have other options. I just need to utilize them.

3. If it is a matter of pain – Again, there are options. The gym has a pool. Not good for fat-burning but works muscles and gets your blood flowing. Plus it is great resistance.

4. Illness, exhaustion, etc – Sometimes it is OK to say that you are taking a day off. Just don’t make it a habit. It is real easy to say “I will workout tomorrow” and tomorrow becomes next month. Take a 5 minute walk. Watch it turn into 10 or 20 minutes. Even a little bit of movement will make you feel better.

Having a plan B makes it so much easier to make changes in your schedule. It gives you options when life throws a curve ball.

What are some of your favorite Plan B’s?

Journal for 3-10-2011
Morning – Resistance Bands
9pm – 2.55 miles in 30 min run. Finally ran the whole 30 minutes with no walking. Not fast but still made it.

8:30am – Banana, water, vitamins
9:30am – Oriental snack mix
1:00pm – Black bean soup, side salad
2:30pm – A little bit more of the snack mix
4:00pm – Mini Luna Bar
10:00pm – Santa Fe Chicken and Black Bean soup

No scale at friend’s house

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  1. I’m so proud of you Sid… I would not be doing half of what I do if it were not for you! I love you…KEEP IT UP!!

  2. I love you too baby. And I feel the same way. You are my inspiration!

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