Happy New Year, sort of.

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Happy New Year!

OK, so it is the 1st week of November. I know this. But I have thought about it for a while and today is the beginning of my new year. A new year of health. A re-commitment to exercise. The beginning of the next year of a healthier, more focused life. We are trained from childhood to believe that big changes can only start on January 1st, the first day of the month, or a Monday.

Why can’t a new year start in the middle of the calendar year? Or on a Thursday? Or whenever you have decided that you will not let your old habits and bad decisions define who you are.

And of course, there will be bumps. There will be days that I am too tired to workout. There will be cream sauces and sweet treats that will call my name in the middle of the night. So what! Life will go on, I will get back on the wagon and the next time won’t be so bad.

For these reasons and for the life and health that I want to have, I say Happy New Year!

So, what will be your New Year’s resolutions, whenever your new year starts?