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Some friends have a very short attention span. Some get irritated very easily when you disagree. There are others that try to change you to be something they think you should be or more like them. I have had a few friends that judged wether we were “friends” or “just acquaintances” by how often we saw each other (that was a fun conversation while I traveled for work in Washington state and my friend lived in Atlanta.) There are childhood friends and work friends and church friends.

As you can see, there are friends in all aspects of our lives. Tonight, I want to introduce you to two friends that are always there when I need them, no matter what.

Not what you were expecting? Well these two friends have followed me in bags,been thrown in the back seat, tossed under clothes on the floor of the bedroom, and kicked under the bed. They have patiently waited for me to allow them to carry me further towards my goals. No judgement, no anger, no resentment. They ask for nothing.

Tonight, the three of us ran and walked three miles. Tomorrow, they have the day off. No matter what, I am sure they will be waiting for me on Thursday morning, ready to go just a little bit further.

OK, is this cheesy? Of course. But think about it. These are the best friends you will have as the miles tick away and you have no idea if you will make it to the finish line. Have you thanked your shoes lately?

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  1. Wow Sarah. You really made me think. Maybe its not running shoes but all of us need to find a constructive thing to lean on verses the destructive things such as drugs, alcohol, food, etc. You know I love you and accepted who both you and JD are a long time ago. It is inspirational and motivational to read about how you guys have embraced life and the struggles therein. Keep running and PLEASE keep writing!

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