Fort Lauderdale A1A 1/2 Marathon

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YAY! I survived again!

Yes, that is an accomplishment. If you are reading this and you want to win a race, you may want to find another blog to read. This is for those of us who take the passing of every mile marker as an accomplishment and the only competition we have is ourselves.

That being said, check out the new bling…

The race was not my easiest and I have learned some new lessons from this day. I will write more about those later. Today is just to show off a little and to say thank you to my support team.

For this race I must thank my dad and step-mom, Ann. This race was my dad’s idea and I stayed with them while in Fort Lauderdale. Dad cooked for me and was my emergency contact. My step-mom got up at 4am to drive me to the race and then followed my progress on her bike so she could take pictures. Both of them even came with me to the pre-race expo. I can’t wait to do this again next year.

As always, thank you to my friends. The love and support I get from texts, calls, hugs, and random posts is priceless. Thank you all!

Most of all, thank you to my wonderful husband who supports me no matter what. He loves and encourages me through injuries, fear, tummy issues and crankiness when the previous issues become more than I can handle. He takes me to try new shoes, walks through sporting goods stores to ooo and ahhh at gear and clothes and even gives into my strange post-race hunger whims. He is my rock, my best cheering section, and my favorite sight at a finish line.

Here are a few more of Ann’s pictures. And there will be more to come!
This is my favorite. I think I look skinny. 🙂

As Ann keeps saying, look at all the people behind me!

Don’t make runners laugh!! It slows us down!

Thank you all again. I can’t wait to see you at the starting line of the Royal Family 5K on Saturday and the Princess 1/2 on Sunday!