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How many times have we heard this phrase. It is used when we are dumped, when you pass a bad accident and even when you don’t want to show how interested you are in that cute person you just walked by. My husband and I have heard this phrase many times in the past month since we moved from Florida to Georgia. His best friend said it when we started in a conversation about how upset we were to have to move. Our new pastor advised us this when anything was said about how different the new church is from the old. We have even said it to each other in trying to make the loss of our beloved house, friends and Tampa easier to stomach.

Let me digress for a moment. We, my husband and I, can be a little stubborn sometimes and even downright dense on occasion. God knows this. He knows that most subtlety is lost on us. You have heard of “the writing on the wall?” We need it in block letters and addressed to personally to us.

So, here I am, getting ready to leave a 2 day trip back to Florida for a family vacation when God sends me one of these crystal clear notes. I have just gotten on the road, heading towards Georgia, and I reach to adjust my rear-view mirror. Very simple procedure. Done every day all around the world. What could go wrong? This…

That’s right. The mirror fell off the windshield into my hand.

It only took a moment to get the point. How can I look back when I can’t see it. All I can do now is focus on where I am going. All that being said, this feels like a good week to do just that. Look forward, towards all the possibilities that lie ahead. The past has brought me to this point, but I cannot live there.

How about you? Where is your focus?

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  1. It’s a good thing God didn’t want you to PLANT YOUR FEET, you may have found yourself standing in concrete! You are awesome and I am excited to see how you use this blog to share your thoughts with everyone.

    Please keep writing!

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