Day Before a Race

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Happy Friday all! Welcome to the day before a race, Donahue style.

We have had pretty much the same schedule for the every race weekend we have done at Disney World. It goes something like this.

1. Try to get off work as early as possible. It is never as early as we wish.
2. Head to Orlando.
3. Check in to the hotel.
4. Pick up our packets. Disney always has some kind of “event” to go along with this. Whether it is a full expo with exhibitors or an “expo light” with a few tables and some photo ops, it is a great welcome to your race weekend.
5. Eat, in bed early and out of bed far too soon.

The rest is another post. I could write pages on what we experience once we wake up and head for the venue. And I probably will. Tonight is about enjoying all of the hopes and possibilities of tomorrow. This is the chance to remember that we don’t do this to see who finishes before or after us. This is where we focus on remembering our personal goals. beating our last time. Pushing just s little bit harder.

Whatever the next day will hold, the day before a race is about relaxing and enjoying how far you have come since the last time you donned a race bib. If you have never done a race, I only have to ask why? Every city offers family 5k’s, one mile fun runs and kiddie race days for the little ones. You don’t have to run, just be willing to have fun and go for it.

Check out this link below and see who is hosting an event in your city. Grab your friends and family and enjoy. Please let e know how you enjoy your pre-race time. I can’t wait to hear from you!