Day 1 – Wrap Up

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Meant to post this last night but here it is.

Breakfast – Apple, Water

Lunch – Green salad with oil and vinegar, water

Snack – Can of V8

Dinner – Black beans, Brown rice, Homemade salsa, Organic blue chips

Starting weight – 153.8

No workout today as we ran on Sunday night.

Monday was a little tough (tired of our salad bar at work) but nice to be cooking again. Need to find the devotional that goes along with this plan.

What am I thankful for today? Our ability to make this choice to do this. We are blessed to have the food available and the funds to dedicate to fresh fruits and vegetables.

One thought on “Day 1 – Wrap Up

  1. I’ve done the Elimination Diet before that follows the same principles of no meat, dairy, flour, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, etc… I know how hard it can be! I also did a food detox last January that was great from Whole Living magazine that has many of the same restrictions. Go here for some great recipes

    The caffeine headaches will get better. I actually haven’t had coffee since January and drink mainly decaf green tea now. I’ll have caffeinated tea every once in a while if I’m feeling sluggish, but still much better than coffee!

    Keep it up girl!

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