Day 1 of a New Journey

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27 days until the Women’s 1/2 Marathon in St. Petersburg.

74 days until the WDW Marathon Weekend 1/2 Marathon

and 20 days left to my 21 day Daniel Fast.

OK, I know that someone is thinking that a Fast is a very bad idea, especially when training for a race. Probably very true, but this is not a regular fast and if we always waited for a convenient time to do things, would we ever get anything done?

Let me tell you a little about the Daniel Fast. In short, it is a Fast based on excerpts from the book of Daniel. Basically, I will be eating beans, brown rice, vegetables, fruit, juice, lots of water and some soy products. The Fast comes with what you cannot eat. That includes meat, fish, dairy, eggs, processed anything (white sugar, white flour, etc), preservatives, and most of what we eat every day.

Anyone thinking they could not do it? You would be surprised. First of all, my wonderful husband will be joining me for this 21 day journey. A little support goes a long way. Just ask anyone who has run a race with a friend. Always a better journey when you travel together. Also, Susan Gregory has put together a wonderful site full of tips, recipes and a blog. This is where John and I went the first time we did this almost 2 years ago. Check it out here.

The Daniels Fast is a fast for the body, soul, and spirit. This will be 21 days of training not only my body but my heart and mind also. I will still be running but I hope that at the end of this I will not only be a better runner but a better wife, a better friend, a better disciple and a better person.

Wish me luck! … Change that… will you pray for me instead?