Daniel Fast – Day 3 wrap Up

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Day started pretty well with a touch of yesterday’s headache. It was gone by the time I got to work. Luckily this is still the portion of any life change where the newness still keeps you interested. I know in a week or so I will be struggling with the food and the devotionals but I will be thankful for this period while I have it.

Morning weight – 151.6 (down 2.2)

Breakfast – Banana
Lunch – Last nights Tofu Stew with rice
Snack – Banana
Dinner – Green salad with avocado and Pumpkin Black Bean soup
Bedtime snack – Handful of green grapes

Workout – 2.3 miles in 30 minutes on treadmill (would have been longer and faster but I forgot my socks and the blisters became a bit much to take). And then a brisk 30 minute walk with my husband.

Today’s devotional talks about dedicating our bodies to God for all He has given us. I look at my chubby frame and wonder why in the world God would want this body. It is soft, oddly shaped and squishy in all the wrong places. Well, it has also gotten me from birth to today with quite a bit of abuse. I have had back surgery, damaged my knee so it crunches when I walk up stairs, been shocked, fallen, broken vertebrae, crushed fingers, and been conked on the head too many times to count. All of that abuse and this body is still willing to carry me around, dance, climb ladders and trees, and most recently, complete a 1/2 marathon with too little training to prepare it.

I guess after all that, this body has been pretty remarkable. I owe it to it to continue training and eating better. I bet there is alot this body still has left to do.

What do you think you could do if you were a bit healthier? It is not that hard to start. Where would you like to begin?