Daniel Fast – Day 2 Wrap Up

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Today was a little harder. My head hurt from the caffeine withdrawal and it is making my neck and shoulders ache. I know I will feel better in a few days but this part always stinks. Lots of water has diluted the headache some.

Also, there is a group promoting their new frozen pizza across the hall from my office at the hotel where I work. The whole hallway smells like pizza. God is probably crying He is laughing so hard.

Breakfast – Apple, water
Lunch – Black Beans and Brown Rice (leftovers) with a little homemade salsa. And lots of water.
Dinner – Tofu stew (recipe from the Daniel Fast cookbook) with Brown Rice

Weight – 153.8 (same)
Exercise – Today was a long work day so we have rescheduled the run for tomorrow.

The Daniel Fast focuses on setting your spiritual health above the wishes of your soul and the cravings of your body. My soul has been taking a beating lately as we have been talking in our house where we are vs. where we started. There is a great deal more pessimism and skepticism in our hearts than there was 6 years ago when we first ventured into Florida. I hope these few weeks will just be a beginning to a more thankful, optimistic future.

Off to bed and then on to Day 3…