About Team Parkhoppers

A Little About the Parkhoppers In 2006, John and Sarah-Irene were both working highly stressful jobs and, still being newlyweds, were struggling with all the changes and stress.  That’s when a friend convinced them to purchase Walt Disney World Annual Passes…and their lives were changed forever. Their first Disney theme park was Epcot, where they enjoyed bratwursts […]

Now, how do I get started???

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Have you ever wondered why someone started running?  We’re they inspired by someone? Were they trying to lose weight? Did they do it on a dare?  Well, there may be as many “why’s” as there are people who have ever run.  Today I want to talk about the “how.” How do you start something that […]

We Survived Disney’s ESPN the Weekend 5K

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Good morning all! Today is the day after race day. Yep, we did another race. Yep, it was at Walt Disney World. And it was great! OK, great is a post race reaction. There were moments that hurt and were difficult and we both wondered if we could do what we had set out to […]

New Starting Line

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This is my blog. It has always been sort of a dumping ground for my ramblings. That is all changing, including the name of the blog. It has been quite some time since I posted but I have decided to use this blog as a journal. A running journal that is. That’s right, my chubby […]