5 Good Reasons to Workout with a Friend

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I started my training program yesterday but I did not have to start it alone. My friend Valerie got up and went with me. She is awesome! Encouraging, fun to hang out with and even took the photo below of my first official training day for the blog. She has inspired me to share my favorite reasons to workout with a friend.

1. Accountability. If you know someone is up and waiting for you it is a lot harder to stay in your warm soft bed.

2. Company. Roads, gyms, and even living rooms (wherever you workout) seem much less lonely when your buddy is there with you.

3. Encouragement. How many times has a pat on the back or an encouraging word lifted your spirits in other areas of your life? The same is even more true when you are having trouble finding the strength to finish that last lap.

4. Competition. OK, so not everything is a race but sometimes it is fun to just see if you can beat your partner to a certain tree, or if they can catch up after you pass them. If you pass them. Childish? OK. Effective to make you both push harder? You bet!

5. Fun. Who are we kidding. If this was torture we wouldn’t do it. Make it fun. Chat, goof around a little, joke about the bikini or back brace you will need when it is all said and done, whatever it takes. Just enjoy yourselves.

Now it is your turn, grab your pal and hit the road!